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The Skybridge Art and Sound Space
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 4
5-7 pm

The Skybridge Art & Sound Space is proud to present 2109, a group show exploring the complicated, evocative world of the future. Inspired by the one-hundredth anniversary of the Futurist Manifesto, he show features artists from several divisions of The New School’s graduate and undergraduate programs as well as work from the larger artistic community of New York. 2109 highlights the myriad of distinct mediums and perspectives submitted to our open call and begs reflection on the meaning of “modernity” in a rapidly developing and often polarizing age.

For this open call, our first this year, The Skybridge Project encouraged participants not only to freely interpret the “future” but to press against the boundaries of traditional artistic practices. The response was overwhelming in its diversity and scope. From the abstract to the literal, from the idealistic to the dystopic; 2109 reflects the inherent ambiguity of predicting the future in a world of touch-screens, nanobots, climate change, remix culture, and an art world in the throes of complete transformation. Approaches include elements of painting, drawing, photography, collage, fashion, sound, text, and video art in an impressive display of heterogeneity.

2109 explores cultural memory and information technology, meditates on our evolving relationship to the natural world and ponders the role of gender in the hundred years to come. One sound piece offers an abstract vision of personal hindsight, while a large-scale scroll of text reminiscent of the words of a subway preacher focuses on the relationship between enlightenment and the body.

2109 offers a variety of glimpses into how the world may transform in the next one hundred years. It is true that while much changes over the course of a century, the process is usually gradual and only appears in retrospect? Will the next century follow this same trend, or will the transformation occur more rapidly? The artists of 2019 contemplate these questions and more.

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