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Posted on September 1, 2011


Transformation / Evolution: Lang @ 25

                        In an unprecedented event the SkyBridge Art Space explores 25 years of Eugene Lang College with the exhibition Transformation/Evolution: Lang @ 25. As the New School for Liberal arts, Lang has established itself as a place that engages in dialogue, controversy, and creativity. This exhibit takes the archival materials from Lang history and presents them in a way that begs viewers to question the authenticity of history-telling. Displays include catalog covers, selected articles from the Observer (the original New School newspaper) and other school publications, and alumni’s creative works. The exhibit is more about how history is represented rather than the concrete events it is presenting. By seeing history through an artistic lens, the viewer is able to engage with it not as a concrete linear text but instead as an object of discussion, discovery, and multiplicity.

 The Skybridge Art and Sound Space is a central feature of the Visual Arts program dedicated to showcasing art projects and sound installations. Located on the third floor between the Lang and New School buildings, it physically and conceptually links Lang with The New School. The Skybridge is a part of the longstanding architectural features that frames the courtyard, the face of which has changed over two decades.

 Transformation/Evolution: Lang@25 reveals these physical changes along with projecting archival material and Alumni’s contributions, including artworks by: Sofia Borges, Jay Braun, Nazarena Cordero, Nora Costello, Andrea Fischbach, Ben Fishman, Elizabeth Hamby, Ryan Hale, Lauren Nickou, Stephanie Ratcliffe, Charles Sasson, Monica Sender; music pieces by Christiana Femano and Christopher Masciari, of Cache, and by Jean Rohe (“Another Story”).; poems by Ryan Huntley, and even a fight song in honor of Eugene Lang College written by Daniel Grunfeld.

Exhibition curated by The Skybridge Curatorial Project:

Sarah Montague, Simonetta Moro (Professors); Cristina Barber (TA) Molly Osberg (work-study); Aishling Labat, Olivia Austin, Maria Daniela Huiza Blanco, Anna Geoffrey, Deirdre Darden, Emma Engle, Natalie Raymond, Viviana Rojas, Sophia Signorelli, Davis Lau, Joseph Herrington, Ekaterina Vassina, Aaron Khonsu Spratt.

Soundscape recording and design by Emma Engle; Deidre Darden, Sarah Montague, and Viviana Rojas.

Original music by Christiana Fermano and Christopher Masciari, of Cache, and by Jean Rohe (“Another Story”).

Readers:  Hannah Jarnis,  Bonnie Maranca, Joshua Quat, Julian Segura, Derek Spaldo, Frankie Wagner.

Featured voices: Anne Bogart, Carmen Hendershott, Eugene Lang, Mark Larrimore, Meredith Monk.

 Special Thanks to: Mark Larrimore and Mark Statman, directors of the Lang@25 committee; Carmen Hendershott, Silvia Rocciolo, Jordan Blum, Eleni Beja, Rachel Denny, and Mr Eugene Lang.

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