Mobility Shifts

Posted on October 10, 2011


Ghana ThinkTank is a worldwide network of think tanks that is, in the artists’ words,  “Developing the First World,” implementing “Third World Solutions to First World Problems,” whether they seem impractical, embarrassing, frightening, or brilliant.

This summer, Ghana ThinkTank traveled to former Yugoslavia, where they invited Serbs and Albanians living in the violently divided city of Mitrovica to solve each other’s problems.

This exhibit in the Skybridge Art & Sound Space is Ghana ThinkTank’s attempt to translate for an American audience the cultural miscommunications and deliberate subversions of icons and symbols witnessed in the Balkans. Visitors are invited to add to the three volumes of the “Anti-Coloring” book with their own subversive interpretation of symbols. Each example displayed here stems from graffiti found by the bank of the river that divides the North/Serb part of Mitrovica from the South/Albanian side.

This show is a companion to Ghana ThinkTank’s involvement in MobilityShifts: The International Future of Learning Summit, which consists of a trailer parked in front of The New School at 66 West 12th Street (organized by the Vera List Center for Art and Politics) and various interventions into the learning processes discussed at the summit. Problems collected from conference participants were sent to think tanks formed in Ghana, Cuba, Iran, Serbia, Kosovo, Mexico, Taiwan and the Gaza Strip. During the conference, the artists implement the solutions they receive from the think tanks, collect new problems, and spur new actions stemming from the results of these interventions. This show presents a  “fish-eye lens” on the process that takes place behind the scenes, a way to explore the friction caused by solutions that are generated in one context and applied elsewhere, while revealing the hidden assumptions that govern cross-cultural interactions.

The Skybridge Art & Sound Space at Eugene Lang College is curated by Simonetta Moro, Sarah Montague and the Skybridge Curatorial Project.

More information on the Ghana ThinkTank and Mobility Shifts can be found at:

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