The City in Winter

Posted on February 14, 2012


Opening February 15, 2012, the Skybridge Art & Sound Space is proud to exhibit Peter Lucas’ recent photographs, The City in Winter.  Inspired by the late Belgian poet Francois Jacqmin’s book Le live de la neige (The Book of Snow), Lucas created a series of photographs as a visual response to the poems. Each photograph corresponds to a poem, which is superimposed as text on the image. The text has been thoughtfully designed by, Garry Waller, a motion graphics designer, who is also creating a series of short films with the photographs in the exhibition.

This series of photographs reflects Lucas’ ongoing preoccupation with the notion of ephemeral places – places that are caught in a moment of transience, where the passage of time seems suspended.

Photographing only his daily routine in New York City, Lucas intuitively chose moments when nothing seems to happen and no location in particular can be marked.  Shooting with negative space to accommodate overwriting, the images explore the possibility of opening each photo to a deeper dimension, a fragment of a story, a whisper of something else beyond the visual silence of the city in winter.

Peter Lucas teaches at The New School and NYU. As a filmmaker and photographer, Peter Lucas focuses on found images, personal essay films, and poetic documentary aesthetics. He exhibits regularly in New York and Rio de Janeiro. His work can be found at

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