Do You Have The Time?

Posted on September 29, 2013


The curators at The Skybridge Art & Sound Space excitedly unveil the first among a series of scheduled exhibitions for the Fall 2013 semester.

This fall’s premiere exhibition, “Do You Have the Time?”, features the work of 6 six poetry students whose creative expression are inspired by stranger interactions in and around the city. Elements such as geography, time of day, and, most importantly, the distinctive populace of New York City, influence the poet output and all 6 poems attempt to evoke a sense of familiarity in the citizens of New York. The exhibition utilizes The Skybridge’s unique speaker system to surround the viewer (or simply the passer-by) with a mixture of interesting and recognizable sounds from around the city as they take in the poets’ writing.

“Do You Have the Time?” officially opens Wednesday October 2 at 4:00 PM.

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