Exhibition Archives

17 42′ 0″ N, 97 49′ 0″W, November 2010

Bridge to Tula: The Realm of Tolstoy, October 2010

Senior Show, May 2010

The Cardew Object, April 2010

2109: A Group Show, March 2010

Proceed With Caution, December 2009

Signs of Growth & Mobile Gardens, October 2009

Mexican Fruit: Photographs by Lucas McGowan, September 2009

Newtopia, April 2009

Spatial Perversions, February 2009

Submerged Geographies, December 2008

Blondell Cummings; 30/30: Meditations on the U.N.’s Declarations of Human Rights, October 2008

Arpoador: Sunday Evenings in Rio de Janeiro, September 2008

Senior Work, April 2008

Mara Haseltine: Visting Artist, April 2008

An Evening with Martha Rosler, February 2008

What the Flux!, December 2007

Permanent/Temporal: Homelands, November 2007

Blues Lyrics from Black Vistas, October 2007

Marni Nixon: The Voice Behind the Stars, September 2007

Collage Now, 2007

Celebrating the New: 30 Years of PAJ, October 2006

Alyce Santoro: Sonic Fabric Statement, September 2006

Bridges, April 2006

Martha Graham, April 2006

Clifford Odets, March 2006

Fibonacci, November 2005

Disarming Images, October 2005

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