Lang @ 25

September 1, 2011


In an unprecedented event the SkyBridge Art Space explores 25 years of Eugene Lang College with the exhibition Transformation/ Evolution: Lang @ 25. As the New School for Liberal arts, Lang has established itself as a place that engages in dialogue, controversy, and creativity.

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Blocks Away with Laura Elrick: Opening Wednesday!

February 17, 2011


This up-close look at "Blocks Away," a student-led public intervention organized with Laura Elrick, reveals the complexities of the emotion terrain of post 9-11 New York. Through visual and aural landscapes, this presentation of the project exposes the politics and power of a single block. JOIN US WEDNESDAY FEBRYARY 23 FROM 5-7PM

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David Connolly: New Sound Installation:: Now Open Until Feb. 2

November 6, 2010


The installation addresses the issue of increased surveillance and sensory technology used in our society to track, scan and scrutinize individuals, an experience Jimmy endured while being transported in the trunk of a car and walking under darkness in the desert, often relying solely on the sense of 'hearing.'

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Bridge to Tula now Open

October 10, 2010


In conjunction with the New School-wide “Tolstoy in the 21st century” Conference, the Skybridge Art & Sound Space is pleased to present “Bridge to Tula: the Realm of Tolstoy” - an exhibition that seeks inspiration from the personal environment of this celebrated Russian author. Bridge to Tula will take you on a journey exposing aspects usually overlooked in the main narrative surrounding this figure’s legacy.

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The Cardew Object

April 7, 2010


The Skybridge Art and Sound Space installation invites viewers to not only familiarize themselves with Cardew’s work, but to become an active participant and essential element in the exhibition via interaction. The exhibition explores the works and ideas of the experimental British composer and the activities of the Scratch Orchestra, a collaborative group of musically-trained and untrained participants engaged in radical modes of improvisatory and cross-disciplinary art making.

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March 2, 2010


2109 explores cultural memory and information technology, meditates on our evolving relationship to the natural world and ponders the role of gender in the hundred years to come. One sound piece offers an abstract vision of personal hindsight, while a large-scale scroll of text reminiscent of the words of a subway preacher focuses on the relationship between enlightenment and the body.

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